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About Osprey

Osprey is our primary saftey vessel, a 5.7m Delta Rib with a drop down bow door, this provides exceptional access to the water for rescuing a casualty, this type of vessel was designed for use as a rescue vessel for offshore powerboat racing, due to the nature of the injuries that could be sustained the need for a simple way to load a casualty on board without causing unecessary strain was needed, Osprey can be flooded allowing for a casualty to be floated on board, the vessel is then drained whilst underway.

Osprey has a cabin, providing shelter for the crew when operating in windy or rainy conditions.

Thor at work on Crosby beach, Liverpool

Osprey at work on the Dee estuary

Janey navigating the Dee estuary


LOA: 5.7 metres
Draught: 0.4 metres
Propulsion: 75HP Evinrude Etec
Seating: 6 Persons
Electrical systems: 12V Cigarette lighter sockets
Safety Equipment: GPS, VHF Radio, Depth sounder, Life rings and rescue equipment, PMR446 two way radio




Osprey's primary role is that of a safety/rescue boat, however other roles are considered including:

-Watch keeping

-Survey Tasks

-Assisting in maintenance tasks

-Crew transfers

-Accessing difficult locations, use as a landing craft.


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