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Hovercraft Hire

We are pleased to be able to offer commercial hovercraft hire services, Nationwide work is considered at competetive rates. our craft is capable of carrying up to 4 persons and can be towed anywhere in the UK.

Fitted with twin engines, our craft is a highly capable alternative to traditional methods of crossing difficult terrain, making it the ideal solution for various survey tasks, such as sea grass, shellfish, and coastal erosion surveys.


Thor at work on Crosby beach, Liverpool

Osprey at work on the Dee estuary

Janey navigating the Dee estuary

Environmentally friendly

Hovercraft are an environmentally option, they cause very little disruption to the ground, there are no underwater propellors, no exhaust fumes are released underwater and at 74dbA at 25m our craft is probably quieter than you might think too.

When used as an alternative to ATVs, hovercraft cause significantly less damage to sensetive areas such as shellfish beds, and are far less likely to become stuck.

Our Craft..

For More information on our craft please click here, If you have any questions on suitability of our craft please don't hesitate to get in touch, we will be more than happy to discuss options.



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